Published On: Tue, Jun 5th, 2018

Buhari: North East to deliver more votes than North West in 2019 – Senate Leader

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By Ikechukwu Okaforadi and Musa Adamu

The Senate Leader, Ahmed Lawan, has said that efforts are in top gear to ensure that the North East delivers more votes that North West region for President Muhammadu Buhari in the forth coming 2019 general elections, emphasizing the President Buhari is a movement and ideology which is sweeping across the country.
Speaking in Abuja when he hosted the North East Coalition for Buhari (NECB), led by the National Coordinator, Awwal Abdulahi, the Senate Leader said he has accepted to become their grand patron, but said there are more grand patrons in the north east for President Buhari ahead of the 2019 general elections whom he said are working to ensure that his re-election bid is successful.
“The north east has been benefitting from this government and Buhari, when he was newly elected, received bashing from so many Nigerians, for favoring the North East, so you should take the campaign for Buhari across the zone. Buhari is not a human being but an attitude and a philosophy; he is an attitude to life.
“As head of state, he did not take his allowances because he believed that it is too much for him. He should not be allowed to do it alone and seek the re-election single handedly. Because in Nigeria, no matter how one tries to be good, there are people that are ready to undermine the integrity.
“He has fought Boko Haram to a stand, the past government believed that the North East zone is the one that created the insurgency, but how can we create insurgency to kill ourselves?. The North East has had good number of appointments and we have been marginalized but he has addressed that. I urge the representatives of the region in Buhari’s government to ensure that they give the President the required support to help him succeed.
“The North East has also got enough infrastructures to our area in this government, in terms of good road network and the Mambila dam. The zone was neglected in power project but because the President know that it will increase the power supply in the area he has invested to the completion of this project”, he said.
The Senate Leader further pointed out that the insurgency was because of poverty in the area which he said the UNDP has confirmed, adding that until this is dealt with, the insecurity will continue but said the President is doing active things to address and better the lives of the people.
Meanwhile, he commended the Governors for what they are doing to develop the region, urging them to work with the President to succeed. Lawan said there should not be party antagonism in championing the Buhari agenda because if the country and the region succeed, Nigeria would have succeeded to a large extent.
“Buhari is an idea of what life should be, if one is elected, the person should carry everybody along, their agenda should be to have more of Buhari across the 36 states of the federation, the idea should be transparency and accountability in the management of public resources.
“It is an idea that should be marketed across the country. Though people may have their ideas different about Buhari, but the most important thing is that we have an accountable government. The country is now a mini construction site because many development and construction works are going on across the country.
“We believe in President Buhari because he gives us the kind of leadership in which no one steals and get away with it. I urge you to go into the hinterlands to preach to the youths. Even those who don’t believe in him should be preached to more, to ensure that he wins 2019 and that after then another of his kind will be elected.
Speaking earlier, the group, led by Awwal Abdullahi, said the objective of the group was to work to gather more support from the region to give the President a second chance because it is the region that has benefited most in the government.
He said the security are giving them great opportunity to become free again, adding “There are many areas that are now accessible through the leadership of Buhari and we are youth leaders and need to have someone who can serve as grand patron”.
They pointed out that they chose the Senate Leader because they believe he is one who has been supporting the government of President Buhari and urged him to accept the position because they need a politician who can guide them and lead them on the best way to go to ensure that they contribute their quota in returning the President in 2019 so that north east will continue to benefit.

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